We set off for a cyclotrip across the Low Tatras valleys. There is a route of 37 kms ahead.

Our trip starts in Kráľova Lehota village (alt. 677m). The spectacular view of the country disappears after a few kilometres as we are riding along the road leading to the upper Čierny Váh reservoir, which is the most highly situated water storage reservoir in Slovakia. During 7.5km uphill ride we overcome  difference in elevation of 483 metres.  Splendid view over the villages nestled  in the valley and panoramas of the Low, West and High Tatras and the Choč Mountains is our  reward for exhausting climbing. Undoubtly, a small refreshment would  come in handy to everyone. The eager ones may use the breaktime for doing a circuit of the reservoir. Being relaxed we may carry on riding. Having taken 3.5km of downhill ride, we  turn off onto a gravel track leading towards Čierna dolina/ Black Valley and then we proceed to fishponds near Východná. From there  we take the only possible way up a gentle slope, to the village of Východná. The village is well-known for the Folklore Festival, an annual  unique presentation of of the traditional folk culture, and we may take a break near its amphitheatre. Our trip finishes at Červený kút, a rustic challet restaurant, with a glass of refreshing kofola or bear.

Transport home (to hotels, guest houses, etc.) is provided.

Departure: 8:00 - 9:00
Arrival (estimated): 15:00 - 16:00
Meeting point: Demänovská dolina, Jánska dolina

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