We set out for our trip through valleys and dells of the Low Tatra Mountains, with a downhill ride from Štrbské Pleso. It is a 47 km long challenging route.

Our tour starts in Kráľova Lehota where we enter the Čierny Váh Valley. We ride through the village of Svarín and move up towards  the Čierny Váh pumped storage hydro plant and its reservoir. Here we shift from the blacktop and follow the cycle path, which  leads along  the former Čierny Váh railway. In the past it was used for timber transportation.  The route crosses the Čierny Váh river and takes us to a dell, Ništokova dolina. One kilometer ride and  there is a forester's lodge with a lakelet, a pleasant place for a rest. Then we continue along the forest path to a pub near Važecká jaskyňa (Važec cave) from where we get a transfer to a nice place for lunch.  While the driver is loading our  bicycles on the car, it is the right time for light refreshment. Full and refreshed  we  are escorted  to Štrbské Pleso, the highest situated settlement in the Tatra Mountains. (For keen rides it also possible to bike all the way.) Everyone may enjoy the beauty of Štrbské Pleso ( the village, mountains, the mountain lake, etc.) on their bikes independently. We leave for home  together (the details of the departure are specified  during the lunch). The last stage of the route is a 25 km downhill ride to the village of Podbánske, where we wrap up our trip  at a snack bar near Kokava bridge. From the place, transport home (to hotels, chalets, guest-houses) is provided .

Departure: 8:00 - 9:00
Arrival (estimated): 17:00 - 18:00
Meeting point: Demänovská dolina, Jánska dolina

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