Our amazing hiking trip begins at Popradské pleso, a mountain lake, at the elevation of 1,494 metres.

Our amazing hiking trip  begins at Popradské pleso, a mountain lake, at the elevation of 1,494 metres. Walking along a winding rocky footpath, we enter Žabie plesá basin / the basin of Frog Lakes.  Then we continue following a steep path across the stone run beneath a rocky wall. Ferrata chains  help us to climb the wall and traverse to a waterfall. Then we take a meandering rocky path towards Chata pod Rysmi/ Challet beneath Mt.Rysy (alt. 2,250 metres). At this point  a difference in elevation of 756 metres has been overcome. It´s time for a lunchbreak and relaxation. Climbing Mt. Rysy (alt. of 2,499 m) is ahead of us, with elevation difference of  249 metres. The trail gets steeper as we struggle to reach the summit. Here we are! Stunning views from the peak  across the mountains and over valleys take our breath away – our cameras should  be at hand. Now we cross the border to Poland and walk down a steep descent,  past Czarny Staw / Black Lake (1,580 m alt.) to Morské oko / Eye of the Sea Lake (alt.1,393 m). The last part of the trail leads through Dolina Rybieho potoka / Fish Stream Valley  where a car is waiting for us at the mouth of the valley.

Tired but fascinated by the beauty of the mountains and proud of overcoming challenges of the hiking route,  we get in the car which transports  us home (to hotels, guest houses, etc.).


Route options:

Overall length: 15.4 km

Net time: 8 hours.

Climb: 1021 meters

Descent: 1442 meters


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